Thank you for your interest in joining JunNk!

We are a professional, award-winning music and comedy group (think STOMP and Blue Man Group with singing, acrobatics and a whole 'lotta crazy!) that tours our show all over the world.  The show regularly features on various cruise lines in the Mediterranean, Baltic and Caribbean, as well as performing at various corporate gigs, theatres and festivals in London and other parts of the UK, Europe, America, the Middle East and beyond.  As we currently accept an ever-increasing amount of work and have various high-profile showcases and other prospective things coming up in the near future, we are looking to expand our team in order to maximise everything in front of us, making it a very exciting time for the company and everyone in it!  

With all that in mind, we are searching for performers who possess an all-round skill-set, including singing, drumming and acting, and who are willing to come in to the group permanently and help it grow even further.  Performers will also be encouraged to add their own influence, so we welcome any other special skills that you may have, such as break dancing, gymnastics, beat boxing, juggling; literally anything else that could make for an interesting addition to the show! 

Our dream is to take this thing as far and as high as possible, so things such as the West End, Vegas, big UK and International tours and various other high-profile achievements are all on the list.  
So if you’re talented, ambitious and committed, and this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please download and complete the application form below and send it, along with your CV and any show-reel material you may have to us at 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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